(1) Definitions

(a) 'Onults Proofreaders or Onults Group' means Onults Limited.

(b) 'Service' means academic editing and proofreading, business editing and proofreading, and manuscript editing.

(c) 'Customer' means an individual or organization which Onults proofreaders have agreed to provide the Services pursuant to these terms and conditions of business.

(d) 'Premium Service' means work requested by customer with a deadline for completion of 3 days or less.

(e) 'Ordinary Service' means work requested by customer with deadline for completion of 4 days and more.

(f) 'Work' means a customer`s written piece of text.

(2) Acceptance of Offer

(a) It is deemed that a customer read and understood these terms at the time of accepting the quote and forwarding documents to us.

(3) Document Content

(a) We abide by the strict proofreading and copy editing standard and reserve the right to decline working on any material or document that we believed to be plagiarised.

(b) Onults Proofreaders reserves the right to refuse any proofreading or editing of a document that advocates, racism, discrimination or any other abusive, hateful, threatening or insulting material, or is alongside any material, which is in violation of international or national law and policies.

(c) We are not liable or responsible for infringement of copyright or any defamation as a result of our proofreading service. We will terminate the service immediately and our customer will be notified about our decision. The customer will receive a refund after any incurred costs for administration and proofreading are deducted.

(4) Third Parties Right

(a) A person or entity that is not an express party to this agreement has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to rely upon or enforce any of these terms and conditions and Onults Proofreaders shall have no liability whatsoever to any such third party.

(5) Premium service

(a) This is a surcharge that will be levied for premium services requested by a customer.

(6) Quality Assurance

(a) Onults Proofreaders is committed to provide quality proofreading and editorial service. We advise our customers to check the amendment we made to their written piece of text upon receipt of the complete work.

(b) In the unlikely circumstance that you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us and we will endeavor to resolve it.

(7) Technical Disclaimer

(a) Onults Proofreaders aim to deliver its service by meeting our customers set deadlines. Customers will be informed of any delay in the unlikely event or resulting from unforeseen circumstance, which is beyond our control. Onults Proofreaders do not accept any liability resulting from the delay.

(8) Legal Jurisdiction

(a) Onults Proofreaders is governed by the laws of the England and Wales.

(9) Indemnification

(a) The client agrees wholly indemnify Onults Proofreaders for any claim arising from a third arising from the service provided.

(10) Termination

(a) Onults Proofreaders reserve the right to terminate all contractual obligations with a customer, who violates any of the Terms and Conditions.

(b) A customer who wishes to terminate the contractual agreement with Onults Proofreaders will be subjected to an administrative cost and cancellation fee.

(11) Time-period cancellations

(a) A consumer has the right to cancel a contract to provide Onults Proofreaders services within the cancellation period.

(b) Where the consumer enters into an agreement with Onults Proofreaders for the performance of our services to begin before the end of the cancellation period, the must request in writing.

(c) The consumer shall be under a duty to pay in an administrative cost and/or cancellation fee.

(12) Cancellation period

(a) The cancellation period for our premium service will be 12 hours from time of placing the order.

(b) The cancellation for an ordinary service is calculated as 48 hours from the time an order was placed.

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